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My cousin who I hardly see maybe about once a year wants jewelery from me for her sixteenth birthday. We’ve got a quirky little relationship. Unlike my sister, who I’ve been at war with since she was born, the dynamic with my younger cousin is more affable. shoppersblocks We get on. I’d never get my sister jewelery – far too weird. But somehow for a cousin like her, it feels both big brotherly and friendly.

So I’m working through mental pictures to try and remember what kind of jewelery she wears, as I figure there could be some sort of theme, color, and material concurrent to her tastes. Or are they just random? Would anything do? Buying jewelery I am discovering takes considerable time and mental effort, not to mention empathy (or is it sympathy?) and some other types of emotional engagement that I do not know the words for.

Ok, so a diamond ring might be a bit too much, but then again I don’t want to just get some plain accessories. topdealsguiders  A bracelet perhaps? A sparkly bracelet? I’m trying to think how many different types of jewelery there actually are out there. I guess it’s limited by the imagination. There’s so many innovations in design and beauty wear it’s hard to keep track unless you read the fashion supplements in Sunday newspapers.

Though even fashion is hardly a guide. I guess looking at what jewelery to buy online might help. Some of the jewelery shopping web sites are overwhelming with regard to the range of jewelery to buy on the Internet.

It’s hard to tell what’s retro and what’s just new anyway. What’s in one week can be out the next and then the week after it’s back in again but on a white gold chain or something.

I try a new tack on choosing what jewelery to buy online for my cousin. tiptokart I guess she’d be happy whatever I bought as she’s the type who appreciates the ‘thought that counts.’ But she’ll possibly also want something nice; some kind of awkward politeness isn’t the response that would encourage me to buy jewelery online for friends or family again.

What’s her favourite color? I’m not sure if she has a favourite color – at least one that doesn’t change week to week. Maybe a multi-colored necklace? Then again, I quite fancy that she’d love a brooch. Brooches look great. I think. Yes she’d quite like a brooch.

It’s so easy to look at brooches online, or bracelets, necklaces, rings. Prices, sizes and types all in convenient little lists that you can scroll through. Given that in jewelery shop most of the stuff is sealed behind reinforced security glass it is isn’t much different to looking at jewelery on a web page.

I see a nice looking brooch online. shoppingstops Studded with green and blue gems. It’s not too loud but looks both quirky and timeless, in a modest kind of way. It’s subtle. Not quite like my cousin but they do say opposites attract.

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